Factors to Keep In Mind Before You Buy Curtains!

Curtains make your room! Yes, that’s true, no matter how classy furniture you have or how expensive your decorative items are, a room décor is incomplete without a set of classy and best suitable curtains. It is very important to select the curtains wisely. Color, fabric, size and style are a few very important factors to be kept in mind before you buy curtains for your room.

Fabric of curtains

Fabric plays the most important part when it is about the looks, may it be a curtain or your bedsheet. Selecting the right fabric makes the difference. Curtains are made in many different fabrics but the most common fabrics used to make curtains include- silk, velvet, linen, polyester, and mixed cotton. If you want the curtains just for a look, you can select the translucent curtains but if privacy is an issue, you better go with a thick fabric. Also, if you want to block the sunlight and sound, go for the blackout curtains. Drawing room curtains ideally should be of formal fabric like silk or velvet, for bedroom you can select the silk+rayon mix fabric curtain or may be something in sateen.

Color of the curtains

Select the color according to the décor of your room. You can go for the curtain of same tone as your room walls or may be a few shades darker to the carpet in your room. If your room gets lot of sunlight, it is better to avoid the bright colors, since they tend to fade faster in sunlight. Get the thick and dark shade curtains for your room if you want to block the sunlight. While it is true that function is important and this limits your choice of curtains to a certain extent. If you want total darkness in your room you better go with the lined curtains but if you want curtains just for a decorative purpose, you can go with any color and fabric choice.

Design of the curtains

There are many different designs of curtains available for sale in the market and the most popular ones include- curtains with linings, printed curtains, embroidered curtains, plain solid color curtains and set of printed-plain curtains. Select the design which suits well to your room windows. Linings in curtain works as shield against the sunlight and make them last longer. Curtains with linings also are heftier and gives a good fall to the fabric.

Size of the curtains

Before you go out to buy the curtains, make sure you have the correctly measure dimensions of your windows. Take the measurements from the top of your window frame. Decide where you want to hang the curtain and add those inches too. Also, add 6-8 inches extra when measure the width of the window frame, good width gives a fullness to the curtain. It is recommended to hang the curtains at least 6 inches above the window frame, but then again it depends on your personal choice. Get good hanging panels to perk up the look of your curtains. Fix the hanging panels higher to give a good height look to your room.

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