How to choose best bed sheets.

Bed sheets play a very important role in our bedroom décor and thus it is very important to choose your bed sheets carefully. Actually, the fabric of a bed sheet depends on everyone’s personal choice. If you like calm and serene ambiance, you should select the light colored cotton bed sheets. Cotton is always considered as one of the best fabrics, especially when we are talking about bed sheets.

how to choose bedsheets

Cotton or Cotton+Polyester Bed Sheets

Cotton is soft, it’s breathable and fits well, however, there is one issue with cotton bed sheets and that is its wrinkles. If you can’t compromise with the wrinkles, you can go for the cotton+polyester bed sheets which are soft, wrinkle free and gives good fit but it won’t be cooling in the summers. A blend of cotton and polyester is an easy to maintain fabric and can also bear frequent washings. It’s durable, cozy and soft.

Linen Bed Sheets

If you are living in south-east or southern part of the country, you can also go for the linen bed sheets. These bed sheets are best suitable for the high-humidity areas as the linen fabric absorbs heat and gives you a cooling feel in summers. But, then again the linen fabric is pricier as compared to cotton or cotton+polyester bed sheets. While there are low-price linen also available but they might not be as soft as the pure and expensive linens. High quality and expensive linen bed sheets are very soft and get softer with every wash. Yes, they wrinkle quickly and need a good ironing to get straight and smooth.

Cotton Satin Bed Sheets

Cotton Satin is also a popular choice of fabric when it is about bed sheets. This fabric is a bit pricier but gives a smooth and soft feel along with a perfect fit. Cotton Satin bed sheets are easy to spread and keep fitted. Cotton satin bed sheets are crisp and soft and are also very durable. Cotton satin is a cool and comfy fabric and keeps your bed cool in the summers.

Egyptian cotton Bed Sheets

Egyptian cotton is one of the most luxurious fabric used in bed sheets. It is pricier and very soft to touch. If you are buying an Egyptian cotton bed sheet, you must know that it needs to be washes with extreme care. It is durable but you need to follow the specific washing conditions to keep it intact. Be careful while you buy an Egyptian cotton bed sheet as there are many fraudsters selling the fake Egyptian cotton bed sheets.

No matter which fabric you choose for your bed sheet, it is always important to take proper care. You need to treat them well if you want them to last for long. It is never recommended to wash the bed sheets in hot water and also drying them in peak heat makes them weaker and fades the colors. If you want your bed sheets to be durable, you should wash them in lukewarm water and should be dried for proper time in adequate sunlight.

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