BlackOut Curtains: Best for Indian Summers!

It is considered healthy, good and pious to get sunlight in the house, but it irritates like anything when your curtain fails in blocking the early morning sunlight and heat when you are enjoying your sweet sleep. The sunlight peeping through your curtain also annoys badly when you are trying to take a sweet nap in the afternoon. If you are one of the thousands of Indian facing this problem, you better try your hands on the blackout curtains. You need them badly if you are having kids in your family who refuses to sleep in the bright sunlight or if you are a shift worker and have to sleep in the day time to cover your night shift.

Blackout curtains are not necessarily black. They actually have a liner behind to block the heat and light from entering your room. Usually the blackout curtains are made in dark colors, but you can also get a light hued curtain with a thick thermal lining. Almost every renowned brand has a range of blackout curtains, but if you don’t want to spend more, you can get some dark colored curtains with a thick thermal lining.

Velvet curtains or Polyester curtains with thick lining can also serve the purpose of blackout curtains. Velvet and polyester both are tightly woven fabrics and thus they can help you escaping the heat and sunlight in your room. While there are blackout curtains readily available in the market, you can also purchase a blackout fabric and get your curtains done according to your windows/doors size.

Do you know that blackout curtains can also help you reducing your electricity bills? It blocks heat and keeps your room cool even when the air-conditioner is turned off. It give you’re the double benefit as it blocks heat entering the room and also prevent the cold air escaping from the room.

What people usually don’t know about the blackout curtains is that besides blocking the heat and sunlight, they are great sound blockers too. Believe it or not, but the blackout curtains can block the annoying street noise, horns of the vehicles being parked in your society and even the loud noise of a lawn mower which disturbs your morning sleep the most. This is the most important benefits if you are having toddlers or infants in your family who need a pin-drop silence to sleep, even a one second horn of a car is enough to wake them up.

If you are not getting a proper and sound sleep, it will definitely affect your productivity. Lack of sleep often leads to lack of concentration which is certainly not good for your work. Get your blackout curtain online or get them stitched from any curtain tailor near your vicinity. These curtains are pricier than the normal curtains but are undoubtedly worth it. You will love them once you have them. You will notice the difference between the regular curtains and the blackout curtains once you start using them.

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