Bed Sheet Ideas for Kids Room

Kids’ rooms are always considered as a very important place for them. Every parent tries their best to get their kids’ room designed according to their taste and choice. Beds and bedding play a very important role in your kid’s room décor. Boys and girls always have a different choice in their selection of colors, designs and patterns. Girls would always like to get a bed sheet with bright girly colors like pink, yellow, peach with dolls over it or may be some lovely fairy tale printed over it. Whereas boys always like to have a dark and boyish colored bed sheets like blue, black, browns etc. Boys love having some prints like cars, cartoon character, their favorite super heroes etc. Below are some bed sheet ideas for kids’ rooms which could be used commonly in both girl’s as well as boy’s room.


Pirate Theme Bed Sheets

This design of bed sheet will suit your boy’s room but some girls may like them too. A bed sheet with pirates, ship, some pirate cats and dogs with some adventures across the bed could suit both girls’ as well as boys’ room.

 Floral Bed Sheets

Floral bed sheet in bright colors may suit all your kids’ room. While kids are not that fanatic about the floral design but a bright color and good print may be attention-grabbing.

Geometrical Shapes Bed Sheets
A bed sheet with big sign of plus and minus, an arrow or a symbol of divide may also attract the kids, be it a girl or a boy. You can also select a bed sheet with lots of cubes and cuboids made all around.

Games Print

A bed sheet with a game print like the famous Mario or may be a Harry Potter print bed sheet could be a good idea for your kids’ room. Both girls and boys would like such game print bed sheets in their room. When we are talking about the games, how about a bed sheet with dice all over or may be a bed sheet with Snakes and Ladders print. Kids always love playing snakes and ladders and giving their bed a look of a board game is certainly a good idea to fascinate them.

Alphabet Bed sheet

Yes, it is a good idea indeed. A bed sheet with color rich big sized alphabets will give a wonderful look to your kids’ bedroom. Small kids’ could easily relate with the alphabets print on the bed sheet and who knows they might start loving studying too.

Whatever design you select for your baby’s room, it should be soft and comfortable at first point. Kids are delicate and their beds should always be clean and covered with a neat and clean bed sheets. Dirty bed sheets may carry germs which can harm your kids, so make sure that you always keep their beddings clean and ready. Do not let them eat on their beds to make your expensive bed sheets last longer.

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