7 Factors to Consider Before You Buy a Bed Sheet!

Bed sheets are unavoidable accessories of our home and thus one has to be very careful while selecting and buying a bed sheets. There are hundreds of options available in the market, both online as well as offline. You will see numerous numbers of colors, designs, patterns, fabrics and making of the bed sheets but there are certain important factors one has to consider before buying the bed sheets.

1. Size Matters the Most

If you buy a good and expensive bed sheet with a perfect color combination and a good design but it does not fit your bed properly, it is of no use. Before you head to the market to buy a bed sheet, make sure you know what your bed size is. It is very important to get a well-sized bed sheet because if it is short it will keep coming out of the edges and if it is extra-large, it could be a bit difficult to spread. Thickness of your mattress plays an equally important role in size. There are usually two types of bed sheets available in the market, one is a queen size bed sheet and other is a king size bed sheet, make sure you buy the correct one.

2. Go for variety

Pick a store which provides maximum variety for you to choose from. If there is less variety, chances of getting a great bed sheet is less. Go to a store which has almost every kind of bed sheets to sell. We often need different bed sheets for different times, like we prefer using an embroidered bed sheets on festive occasions, dark colored bed sheets in kids’ room, light and soothing bed sheets for night use and so on. Thus it is very important to get your stuff from the right place.

3. Thread Count

While thread count is the most hyped factor of buying a bed sheet but things are not actually like that. Yes thread counts matters but only to some extent. People usually go for a higher thread count number to get a good quality but remember that if those threads are thinner they might not be durable. A general thinking says that higher the thread count, softer and luxurious your bed sheet it, it’s true to some extent. You must go for a good number of thread counts but it should not exceed 250. Bed sheets with thread count lower than 175 are also not considered to be good.

4. Budget

Sticking to budget is always good. Yes, the best quality bed sheets are expensive but one has to consider the budget too. If you are tight at your budget, you can get some good quality and branded bed sheets and get some regular ones for the regular usage.

5. Interior Décor

It is a very important factor to think upon before you buy a bed sheets. Not every color bed sheet suits every bed. You should always choose a bed sheet according to your bed design and the décor of your bed room. Kids room often ask for a colorful and bright colored bed sheets whereas your room might require calm, soothing and relaxing colors and soft fabrics. If you are having certain color wallpaper behind your bed, select the color which goes well with that. Contrasts look good but not always. Choose wisely.

6. Check the washing instructions

Usually every bed sheet comes with the washing instructions. Some high quality bed sheets are not meant for home-wash, and ask for a dry cleaning service after every use. Generally the expensive bed sheets are hard to maintain. Make sure you select something you can maintain.

7. Choice

Everyone has his/her own choice. Keep your family’s choice in mind before buying the bed sheets. When you are buying a bed sheet for your parent’s room, make sure they love it. Same is the case with kids’ room.

A bedroom is always a favorite place in the home, thus it is very important to select the correct bed sheets for your beds.

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